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From the time I was a child, trying to save baby birds in shoe boxes (sometimes I still do), I knew that I was a rescuer. As the years went on, I found that this was reinforced in a multitude of ways.  By the time I entered college I was convinced that becoming a psychologist was my path.  And being in college in California in the 70s, my passions expended to include the spiritual practices of meditation  and yoga.

After marriage and three children, I went back to school to earn a Master's Degree in Counseling, a graduate degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, a PhD in Clinical Psychology, and completed a year of post doctoral work at the Karen Horney Psychoanalytic Institute.  I developed a successful traditional private practice, taught clinical techniques to future psychologists in graduate school, and felt confident that I had the skills necessary to guide those who sought my help.

However, life being what it is, mine turned upside down.  As a way to deal with the challenges I faced, I followed the traditional medical and psychological routes but they provided only limited help.  I personally learned that as effective as psychotherapy can be, it has its limitations.

I expanded my search to my spiritual roots including Buddhist, Kabbalistic and Christian teachings, energy medicine, and shamanism, to name a few.  I also resumed my meditation and yoga practices.  What I discovered was that each tradition was like a bead on a necklace that I was custom designing for myself.  As I continued to gather my "beads" I realized that I was being drawn deeply into spirituality and it provided with the answers I was seeking!

I felt compelled to bring various aspects of what I was practicing into my work.  I started a group for spiritually minded people where we used psychotherapy and spiritual principles to deal with everyday issues.  I became a Certified Yoga teacher and developed a program entitled "Attaining Mind-Body Balance" using meditation, yoga, and group therapy.  As my spiritual practice widened and deepened, I expanded my spiritual quest--I went to the land of the Buddha in India with Thich Nhat Hahn, I learned shamanism in Guatemala and Chile with local shamans, I studied the Kabbalah, and so forth.  As I evolved, my life turned around and I felt more joyful and at peace than ever.  To my surprise and delight one fateful day, I was approached by a man who I instantly knew was my soulmate.  We were engaged within 10 weeks and married within 4 months.  We now create our "beaded necklace" together and our book, I Am, I Think is our latest creation.




Most parents look forward to the day when their young child stops asking "why...why is the sky blue, why does the sun shine, why is the rain wet...why, why why???" Well, unfortunately for my parents, my questioning never stopped. While still in my early teens I was writing music about the meaning of life, the nature of time and of course, like any normal teenager, about love


.  Although my passion for science and working with my hands would lead me to a career practicing and teaching periodontics, my spiritual seeking never stopped.  In 1975 I took a course in Transcendental Meditatio, and while my meditation techniques would vary over the years, they have always been a mainstay in my life.  My exploration for meaning took me wherever my intuition felt the answer might lay.  Became certified as a Reike healer, apprenticed with a Peruvian shaman and traveled with him throughout Peru, journeyed deep into the jungles of Ecuador to live with an indigenous tribe of former headhunters (at least I was assured about the "former" part) to learn from their shamans, studied Buddhism, Hinduism as well as the Western religions, and immersed myself in the teachings of Advaita or non duality.  


My search brought me into contact with countless teachers, experiences, and techniques.  Finally I realized what all the high teachings had always said, that is "what you are seeking you already are."  For many years I served as President of a Spiritual Center where I also provided healing and counseling.  However when life took a fortuitous turn and Bonnie and I found each other, we were led to study of Hermetic, Hebrew, and Christian Kabbalah.  We realized that here was ap powerful structure that could be used to meld all our years of learning and experiences together and coherently communicate them.  We therefore decided to share our realizations through the teachings of IAm, I Think.

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